We Love To Connect With You!

In today’s day and age, let’s face it. Social media is all the craze. But we’d be lying if we said we didn’t love it! Social media is a great opportunity to engage in two-way communication with our Somerset friends and family. We love being able to connect with you all on a personal level; and appreciate all the feedback we can get! Whether it’s a shout out on Twitter or a review on Yelp, we want to hear it all. Because at the end of the day, everything we here makes us better for YOU!

sk8ters paradise social media

We’d love to connect with you on our social media pages. So where can you find us?

  • Facebook. This one is our favorite! You can find a ton of info on our Facebook page. Look at our photos, like share and comment on our daily posts, or send us an inbox message with any personal questions. You can also leave us a review, or check-in with us to share your pictures and videos from your visit.
  • Twitter. Want quick updates and news on our rink? Or want to send us a shout out with pictures or videos of your time at the rink? Check out our handle @Sk8tersParadise.
  • Google+ and Yelp. These are two of our other favorite platforms, as this is where we get your feedback! Leave us a review and tell us about your experience, or read what others are saying about us. Good or bad, we always appreciate your feedback but it makes us a better family entertainment center for everyone!

And of course, the last place you can connect with us is on our website! You’ll find all the information you need about our hours and prices, attractions, birthdays and more. And as always, feel free to give us a call at with any further questions, or contact us online. We can’t wait to see you soon!

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