Think You Know Everything About Skating…Think Again!

You have been roller skating for as long as you can remember. Your dad first took you when you were three-years-old, and since then, you rarely go anywhere unless you are on wheels. You are the expert among your friends, but do you really know everything about roller skates? Here are three random facts about roller skates, and skating that may even surprise you!Skater

  1. In 1863, an inventor by the name of James Plimpton would change the game by inventing the first skate that could turn by leaning in the desired direction. He went on to build a roller rink inside his furniture-business office! He was also the founder of the New York Roller Skating Association, in order to promote the pastime!

  2. The 1950’s and 1960’s saw an increase in drive-in movie theaters, and a rise in carhops, who would deliver your food on skates! Today, the Sonic restaurant chain still carries out this tradition at their event called The Sonic Skate-Off, a contest to find the most talented carhop from all of its drive-ins!

  3. New York City has only one remaining indoor roller rink on Staten Island. When Hurricane Sandy hit New York in the latter half of October, 2012, it was doubtful the rink would recover, but $750,000 and six months of dedicated workers who put in long hours made the recovery possible.

So, while we cannot claim we were the inventor of the skate, or weathered natural disaster, we can promise you will have a great time when you visit Sk8ter’s Paradise in Somerset, Kentucky!

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