Mastering Skeeball

If you have ever played skeeball, you know how fun it can be. This classic arcade game has been around since 1909 when it was invented by J. Dickinson Este invented it. It is very similar to bowling, but on a much smaller scale. At Sk8ter’s Paradise, we have several arcade games including many of the classics, like skeeball, and believe it or not, there are techniques to doing better at the game than others. Skeeball Game at Sk8ter's Paradise

Tip #1: Commit to ONE machine:

Many “skeeball experts” will tell you the key to mastering skeeball is to know your machine. Because every machine is different, sticking with one machine will make you more accustomed to its idiosyncrasies and help you better adjust.

Tip #2: How low can you go?

It is often suggested that playing on your knees will help you perform better at skeeball! Many say it helps them better line up their shot, while others say it helps them judge their angle. Whatever the reason, it is a great technique to try!

Tip #3: Go for the big 5-0

Unless you are a skeeball master, do not try for the 100 hole. The 50 point hole is a reasonable shot, and one that most beginners and intermediate players have a shot at getting. Even if you miss, you will probably get one of the 40 or 30 point holes.

Want to try these tips out? Visit our arcade the next time you are at Sk8ter’s Paradise, and see how many points you can get! Have your own tips? We would love to hear them! Leave them in the COMMENTS section below!

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