How to Throw a Kid’s Party With Allergies

It is your daughter Mary Beth’s birthday in one month. She will be turning nine, and wants nothing more than a roller skating party at Sk8ter’s Paradise! This is fantastic news for you because throwing a party at Sk8ter’s Paradise could not be easier, but there are a couple of problems: Mary Beth’s best friend Hannah has Celiac Disease, and her other friend’s mom has him on a limited sugar diet. You want Mary Beth’s friends to be able to come and to accommodate them, but what can you do? You are in luck at Sk8ter’s Paradise!

We offer gluten-free pizza

Cheese PizzaAt Sk8ter’s Paradise, we understand the importance of dietary restrictions due to allergies or an intolerance and try our best to accommodate each individual’s specific needs. We offer pizza that is gluten-free, so Hannah does not have to feel left out. We also allow you to bring in outside food, so everyone can have what they want.

We offer natural fruit juice

Soda has been proven to be unhealthy by several reputable sources, including CNN and The American Heart Association. It has also been associated with symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux disease, an affliction that causes the content of the stomach to cause a burning sensation in the esophagus. In order to promote a healthier lifestyle, Sk8ter’s Paradise offers all natural fruit juices as an alternative to the artificially sweetened soda.

With these accommodations, we strive to make everyone happy. We have several party options for your child’s next birthday party, and easy ways to book online. Make your child’s next party one to remember by booking with us!

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