How To Be A Boss At Laser Tag

Did you know the first laser tag arena opened in 1984, and 8.90 million games of laser tag are played each year? Laser tag is a fun, high energy game that you could play with two people or 200, and at Sk8ter’s Paradise in Somerset Kentucky, we love to watch guests of all ages enjoy this game. Check out some tips to mastering it! Laser tag game

Tip #1: Black is Back

If you can, be the dark colored team. This will help you camouflage yourself in our dark laser tag arena, and keep you veiled under the cover of darkness.

Tip #2: Divide and Conquer

By separating into separate groups, you can assign members of your team different missions to annihilate the other team before they know what is coming. Laser tag

Tip #3: Stay Safe

If someone is injured, call out for help. It does not matter if the other team finds and shoots you; safety should be your top priority. If you see one of our staff members, flag them down, and apprise them of the situation. They will take the appropriate course of action.

Tip #4: Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Until the game starts, it is best to hide, but as soon as the game begins, move constantly. It will confuse the enemy, and give you a better chance of staying safe.

At Sk8ter’s Paradise we want to ensure that all of our guests have an awesome time, while remaining safe. If you see someone not obeying the rules, please let us know. Our rules are there for your protection. We hope to see you on Friday for our 2-4-1 Laser Blast from 6-11pm!

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