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  • Take A Field Trip To A Skating Rink!

    Who doesn’t love field trips? We are sure it was the highlight of your month when you and your class would get out of the classroom and go somewhere new and different. Often times, field trips are to museums, or nature preserves, which is still exciting for students, but what if you found out your child’s next class field trip was to a skating rink! You heard right! A skating rink! At St8ter’s Paradise in Somerset Kentucky, we have a teacher prepared to instruct students, and are working with local schools to implement the Roller Skating Association’s idea to incorporate roller skating into S.T.E.M. (science, technology, engineering, and math) subjects!

    The Importance of S.T.E.M. Subjects

    It seems that in the past decade or so we have been hearing more and more about S.T.E.M. subjects and their importance in a student’s educational career, but the fundamentals behind them have been around for much longer. This education grouping is implemented worldwide, and it a fantastic way to educate our youth about the importance of these subjects in the workforce.

    How Can Roller Skating Teach My Child Anything

    By engaging students outside of a traditional classroom and textbook setting, the potential for retention is much higher. Also, up to 50% of students learn best by doing (Kinesthetic learning style) and will therefore understand the practicality of the lesson. By participating in activities they enjoy, they will be more apt to be interested in these important topics.

    If you are an educator wanting to plan a field trip to Sk8ter’s Paradise, Contact Us today! Your students will thoroughly enjoy getting out of the classroom, and enjoying an afternoon of physical activity while learning important lessons!

    The Do’s and Don’ts of Throwing a Child’s Party

    Sk8ter’s Paradise is the best place in town to throw a child’s party, but you may not be aware of all that actually goes into throwing a child’s party if this is your first child or you have never done it before. Here are a couple of Do’s and Don’ts to throwing a child’s party that you may not know. Happy Birthday

    1. You DO want to make sure your child has fun: This seems obvious, but often times the parent gets caught up in keeping up with the Joneses, so to speak, and forgets what the child actually wants. It is okay to forego the $100 cake from the boutique bakery for the $25 one at your local grocery store. Your child will probably not know the difference.
    2. You DON’T want to invite too many children: The general rule is age + 1, and although often ignored, it is a rule for a reason. If your child is five-years-old, inviting his entire class, plus the soccer team, and his Sunday school class will be overwhelming for him. Pick 6 of his friends that he actually likes and plays with and invite them.
    3. DO involve your child in the planning: By about age seven, your child knows what he or she likes, so allow them to participate in planning the theme! Ask for their preferences and color choices. This will allow them to feel important and part of the process.
    4. DON’T expect most people to RSVP: This is just a fact that the party mom has to accept. Most of the guests will not RSVP. There are ways to encourage them to do so, but even still, expect that most will not.

    Whichever party option you choose, know we are always here to help! Contact Us to learn more about the party options we have at Sk8ter’s Paradise, and book today!

    Mastering Skeeball

    If you have ever played skeeball, you know how fun it can be. This classic arcade game has been around since 1909 when it was invented by J. Dickinson Este invented it. It is very similar to bowling, but on a much smaller scale. At Sk8ter’s Paradise, we have several arcade games including many of the classics, like skeeball, and believe it or not, there are techniques to doing better at the game than others. Skeeball Game at Sk8ter's Paradise

    Tip #1: Commit to ONE machine:

    Many “skeeball experts” will tell you the key to mastering skeeball is to know your machine. Because every machine is different, sticking with one machine will make you more accustomed to its idiosyncrasies and help you better adjust.

    Tip #2: How low can you go?

    It is often suggested that playing on your knees will help you perform better at skeeball! Many say it helps them better line up their shot, while others say it helps them judge their angle. Whatever the reason, it is a great technique to try!

    Tip #3: Go for the big 5-0

    Unless you are a skeeball master, do not try for the 100 hole. The 50 point hole is a reasonable shot, and one that most beginners and intermediate players have a shot at getting. Even if you miss, you will probably get one of the 40 or 30 point holes.

    Want to try these tips out? Visit our arcade the next time you are at Sk8ter’s Paradise, and see how many points you can get! Have your own tips? We would love to hear them! Leave them in the COMMENTS section below!

  • Think You Know Everything About Skating…Think Again!

    You have been roller skating for as long as you can remember. Your dad first took you when you were three-years-old, and since then, you rarely go anywhere unless you are on wheels. You are the expert among your friends, but do you really know everything about roller skates? Here are three random facts about roller skates, and skating that may even surprise you!Skater

    1. In 1863, an inventor by the name of James Plimpton would change the game by inventing the first skate that could turn by leaning in the desired direction. He went on to build a roller rink inside his furniture-business office! He was also the founder of the New York Roller Skating Association, in order to promote the pastime!

    2. The 1950’s and 1960’s saw an increase in drive-in movie theaters, and a rise in carhops, who would deliver your food on skates! Today, the Sonic restaurant chain still carries out this tradition at their event called The Sonic Skate-Off, a contest to find the most talented carhop from all of its drive-ins!

    3. New York City has only one remaining indoor roller rink on Staten Island. When Hurricane Sandy hit New York in the latter half of October, 2012, it was doubtful the rink would recover, but $750,000 and six months of dedicated workers who put in long hours made the recovery possible.

    So, while we cannot claim we were the inventor of the skate, or weathered natural disaster, we can promise you will have a great time when you visit Sk8ter’s Paradise in Somerset, Kentucky!

    How to Throw a Kid’s Party With Allergies

    It is your daughter Mary Beth’s birthday in one month. She will be turning nine, and wants nothing more than a roller skating party at Sk8ter’s Paradise! This is fantastic news for you because throwing a party at Sk8ter’s Paradise could not be easier, but there are a couple of problems: Mary Beth’s best friend Hannah has Celiac Disease, and her other friend’s mom has him on a limited sugar diet. You want Mary Beth’s friends to be able to come and to accommodate them, but what can you do? You are in luck at Sk8ter’s Paradise!

    We offer gluten-free pizza

    Cheese PizzaAt Sk8ter’s Paradise, we understand the importance of dietary restrictions due to allergies or an intolerance and try our best to accommodate each individual’s specific needs. We offer pizza that is gluten-free, so Hannah does not have to feel left out. We also allow you to bring in outside food, so everyone can have what they want.

    We offer natural fruit juice

    Soda has been proven to be unhealthy by several reputable sources, including CNN and The American Heart Association. It has also been associated with symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux disease, an affliction that causes the content of the stomach to cause a burning sensation in the esophagus. In order to promote a healthier lifestyle, Sk8ter’s Paradise offers all natural fruit juices as an alternative to the artificially sweetened soda.

    With these accommodations, we strive to make everyone happy. We have several party options for your child’s next birthday party, and easy ways to book online. Make your child’s next party one to remember by booking with us!